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Behind the Scene

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FYI Legal Stuff
What I use to manage my business
Devices I use
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Design apps
293 KB
Subscription sites
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How I created my Self Employed Digital Planner
Concept, idea, and inspiration
104 KB
Sketch and outline
370 KB
Digitalize the final sketch
310 KB
Finding clip art & fonts
Testing, finalize, & export
168 KB
Why I switched to Podia?
Why I switched to Podia?
The downside of being Self-employed
The downside of being self-employed.
How I film & edit my Instagram Videos
How I film & edit my Instagram videos
Fall in love with new productivity & organization apps
Sunsama | Productivity app
Airtable | Collaboration app
Flodesk | Email Marketing! [ Unlimited everything, What! ]

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