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Learn how to create your own Digital Planner, Printables, Notebook, and more.
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FYI Legal Stuff
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Some of my work
Module 1: Concept
Video: Coming up with Concept for your Planner
Infor & Links
Download: Concept Template
43.7 KB
Module 2: Sketch and outline
Finding inspiration & Sketch
Sketching Tools
Download: Sketch Template
40.8 KB
Finding Clip arts & fonts
Video: Where I find my clips arts, Graphics, & Fonts?
Download: Recourses
62.2 KB
All about color
How to create color palette?
Video: Color theory explained
Designing Printables with Apple Pages
638 KB
Part 1: Pages Overview
Part 2: Turn a sketch into a digital design | Outlining
Part 3: Adding Text
Part 4: Adding Graphics and Colors
Part 5: Exporting Files
Download: Final design
163 KB
Designing Hyperlinked Digital Planners with Keynote
106 KB
Keynote Tips
Document Set-up
Creating Master Pages
Organizing your Planner
Adding Hyperlinks
Adding graphics, color, & creating multiple color palettes
Exporting & testing the planner
Keynote Keyboard shortcut on Mac
Dotted_The Pink Ink.pdf
53.1 KB
Planner Review & Critique.
Vertical Template.key
148 KB
Horizontal Template.key
166 KB
How to Design Digital Notebook in Keynote app
How to Create Digital Notebook | Vertical
How to create Digital Notebook | Horizontal
Horizontal Notebook_Sample.pdf
5.31 MB
Design Digital stickers with Procreate app on the Ipad
How to create Digital Stickers with Procreate app on the IPad.
The Pink Ink Club Stickers.png
1.25 MB
55.1 KB
How to create Mock-ups to showcase your Digital Products
How to create Mock-up to showcase your Digital products
Mock-up Resources.pdf
1.51 MB
Designing Info Product or an E-book
Part 1 | validate and outline your idea
1.69 MB
Part 2 | Designing in Keynote as Digital Product
E-book / info product Template.key
521 KB
Part 3 | Designing and e-book in InDesign
E-book Template.indd
2.87 MB
E-book Example.pdf
2.93 MB
Create Digital Stickers in Adobe Illustrator
Create Digital Stickers in Adobe Illustrator
386 KB
Creating Pattern in in Adobe Illustrator
Creating Patterns in Adobe Illustrator
Steps to create pattern in Adobe Illustrator.pdf
82.7 KB
My Fav. app to create my Instagram Content!
My Most Used app for Instagram: Create, Edit, Upload.
How I Film and Edit my Instagram Videos.
How I film and Edit my Instagram Videos.
How do I structure my week with batching tasks!
How do I structure my week with batching tasks!
Batching Template.pdf
26.4 KB
922 KB
Creating a Tab-less Digital Planner
Creating a Tab-less Digital Planner
Tab-less Planner template.key
113 KB
How to create GIF Stickers for Instagram Stories
How to create Gif Sticker for Instagram Stories

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