Launch Your Etsy Shop With Digital Products by The Pink Ink

Launch Your Etsy Shop With Digital Products

Guide  .  Tool kit  .  Etsy Seller Planner

A step-by-step guide + tool kit to start an Etsy shop selling Digital Products.

What will it cover?

It will cover six main lessons each lesson will have a guide, example, and workbook so you'll be able to take action right away.

01 - Introduction

You'll learn about passive income, digital products, and I'll share with you 65 Digital products ideas to kick start your creativity.

02 - Etsy Guide

I'll walk you through Etsy website, how to set-up your shop, and what Etsy offers. Plus, claim 40 free listings.

03 - Research

Discover what skills you have that you can turn into digital products. How to conduct product research and validate your ideas before you start.

04 - Create

Create, package, and publish your Digital products.  I'll explain what tools you need to create your digital products, how to package your products, and step by step on how to list your products on Etsy.

05 - Promote

I'll share five ways to promote your Etsy shop. How to drive the right traffic that converts into sales, how to validate that you're using the right keywords, and more.

06 - Maintain

I'll share my tips on how to maintain your Etsy shop, update and automate your process to have a passive income business.

What's include?

70 pages PDF in digital hyperlink format with tabs.
( Not Printable )

50+ pages PDF in digital hyperlink format with tabs.
( Not Printable )

Some Love:

I loove your Etsy guide. I’m so thankful for your courses and I think you’re so talented!. I really want to learn everything you do. 
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Who's it for?

  • You want to open your Etsy shop, and you need a step by step process. 
  • You’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start.
  • You’re new to the online business world and want to start.
  • You want to start a digital product Etsy Shop.
  • You’re willing to put time and effort to start an online business.
  • You have a digital product idea, but you’re not sure where to start.