Girl Boss Business Bundle by The Pink Ink

Girl Boss Business Bundle

The Complete set of Digital Planners for female entrepreneurs. It’s here! Every single digital planner that you’ll need from The Pink Ink to develop and scale your online business. 

The Complete set of Digital Planners for female entrepreneurs.

It’s here! Every single digital planner that you’ll need from The Pink Ink to develop and scale your online business, all in one perfectly-pink bundle. Whether you’re new to the online business world or are looking to scale your business.
Behind the scenes of every successful online business comes tons of planning and preparation. Social media strategies, blogs, projects, and signature offers all play crucial roles in the growth of your online business, but how do you choose which ones you’re going to plan on your sleek digital planner? 

The answer is, you don’t choose. You plan every element of your business with the Girl Boss Business Bundle.
This is the complete collection of essential business templates for every business owner and digital nomad. Each item in this bundle will assist you with some of the most crucial elements of your online business. From planning Social Media and Blogs to Market Research and Project planning; every business template you’ll need is right here in one place for you. 

Those who are always on the move will welcome the ability to always have their most important plans and ideas right there on their iPad. Those looking to scale their business will love the detail and inspiration in each template. The ‘newbies’ to the digital entrepreneur world will love the effortless usability and structure of each digital templates. Plus, if you’re the type of person who has random documents and post-it notes spread across your desk (which you can never find when you really need them) trust me when I say that this bundle is going to change your life. No matter what stage of life your online business is at, this bundle will support you in taking it to the next level.

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What’s included in the bundle

Solopreneur Digital Planner

Trust me when I say that being organized is one of the most important things when you are your own boss. Your planner includes every single important thing in your life and business. I understand this because I’m a solopreneur too and this planner was created based on my experiences building The Pink Ink business. Market research? Projects? Plans? Strategies? Signature offers? (+ much much more!) Plan, track and organize it all in the Solopreneur Digital Planner to take some of the stress away from building your online business and ruling the digital world!

Social Media Digital Planner

Facebook content planning, Instagram strategy ideas, post and story planning…. We all know that there is much more to Social Media than pretty pictures and cute captions.  It is so easy to lose track when you already have a ton of other things to plan and manage in your business. 🤯 Well, easy when you don’t have a sleek and strategic social media planner that is! Plan your social media channels in style while keeping track of your thoughts and ideas, product launches, special offers and more! 

Project Digital Planner

Feel like you’re juggling a thousand different projects and ideas a time? It can feel overwhelming I know, but having them organized into the 21 pages within the Project Digital Planner will transform you from feeling stressed to blessed.  Record your action plans, set your goals, develop timelines or simply brain dump a new idea whilst you’re on the go. See every step of your successful online projects unfold within this pretty-in-pink project planner!

Blog Digital Planner

Having a blog idea pop into your head at the most random and inconvenient times is no joke, especially when you have no way of recording your ideas and inspiration. Girls, that’s an issue of the past once the Blog Digital Planner comes into your life! Want to plan your blog titles for the month? There’s a page for that. Getting overloaded and confused with your affiliates? Yep, I’ve included a page to help you with that too. Hoping to scale your blog to take it to the next level? The stats and goals pages are included for that very reason! Managing your blog and posts has never been easier or more enjoyable than it will be when you get your hands on the Blog Digital planner!

Self-Employed Digital Planner

Now that you’re a self-employed entrepreneur, it’s more important than ever before to be the most organized Girl Boss possible, for the sake of your business, life and family. Embrace the luxury of being your own boss whilst planning and organizing both your personal and business finances, appointments and meetings all in one place. Focus on a week, month or year with the planner pages or record important details within the client tracker sections. Created by one self-employed entrepreneur for another, this digital planner has been designed especially for you.

Travel Digital Planner

There are two types of travelers in this world; the organized traveller and the traveller who REALLY needs to get organized because they’ve missed far too many flights now. I’m not going to admit which of the two I was, but I didn’t create the Travel Digital Planner for no reason! Before you jet off, get all of your flight details, accommodation bookings and plans together in one place, then move on to the fun stuff! Plan your outfits, write your packing list and document your travel inspiration in the ‘plan’ section of the planner. You can record your best-bits in the ‘memories’ section of the planner too! Here you can note down your favourite places, activities and places to eat and drink. 

Self-Love Digital Planner

We put so much of our time and effort into growing and caring for our business and careers yet we often forget about ourselves. Many of us have personal goals floating around in our minds, but when we actually write them down we double our chances of reaching them! The self-love digital planner is the gate to your self-love journey. The structured design of this template will support you in defining your goals and evaluating your success whilst the monthly plan and 30 day challenges will motivate you to stay on track. Use the notes pages to document your journey or the brainstorming section to plan the ways you’ll take care of yourself. 

Etsy Seller Digital Planner

This is the ultimate guide for any Etsy seller, no matter where you are on your journey. Start your Etsy adventure with the marketing plan and branding sections or manage your listings and Pinterest page within the products and promotion elements of this sleek and chic Digital Planner. With additional sections for tasks, research and finance, this Digital Planner will allow you to take complete control of your Etsy store. It has never been easier (or more stylish) to start, manage and scale your Etsy store!

Customers Love:

I absolutely love LOVE this business planner. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
Thank you so much for the gifts you have given me. Your work is such an inspiration and i love them. Your creative mind just makes people like me really happy. Im looking forward to seeing your work. Keep inspiring people like me.
I love the digital planners I have purchased! I use them in Noteshelf and I love them. Im usually pretty tech savvy, but for some odd reason could not get it to work in Noteshelf. She was super helpful and walked me through the process and sent helpful videos. I am a night owl and am going to assume she is too because it was almost 1am my time and she was EXTREMELY helpful. I'm so grateful too because I have no patience to wait for something to work. All that to say, I realized, 'I' was using the wrong Noteshelf. I needed Noteshelf 2 so I quickly downloaded it and voila! Love it! Thank you again! Phenomenal customer service, will be recommending her and purchasing from her again!
Having bought several things from ThePinkInk I just had to let everyone know how fabulous this shop owner is and the products are exceptional. I am new to digital planning and had many questions on using the products in the Goodnotes app. Not only were my questions answered quickly but I was also given steps and videos to ensure a successful adventure. I will definitely be stalking the blog and checking back in the shop for new items to buy.


Can I print these planners?

These Planners are optimized to be used on the Ipad with a note-taking app. I can't guarantee the printing quality as these planners are designed for digital use only and not for printing. 

Please note that the note-taking app is not part of this purchase. 

Which app can I use these planners with?

These Planners works perfectly with:
  • Goodnotes 5 and 4
  • Notability app
  • Noteshelf 2
  • Xodo

How long will have access to this bundle?

You'll get a life time access to business bundle and download the planners at any time.

Do you sell these planners individually?

Yes, you can download your copy at The Pink Ink Shop here. Please note that this bundle is offered is discounted rate.

I have a question, how can I reach out to you?

Please, email me at [ ] or use the chat button on the right side of this page.